Where to Find the Books


Looking for a new book just out? Or looking for a book that’s been out awhile? Looking for a book that’s no longer in print? The following are good places to find what you want – easy places to order from or visit personally. I know first hand how good these places are to visit and find what you want and I can wholeheartedly recommend these places.

Barnes and Noble This huge store is always filled with so much. It’s attractive, filled with many, many books of all kinds, and the coffee shop inside fills the store with delightful aromas. It’s always a pleasure to sit and read a book while sipping and nibbling on something special. Many, many offerings thruout this store. And to purchase a Member card for $25 annually, means a discount on nearly every item you purchase. A Barnes and Noble Mastercard gives you a 5% discount delivered as a credit on your statement. This popular store has been successful for many, many years and looks to be around for many, many more.

Half.Com This internet place has more than books to offer, but our concentration is on books at this time. First time users looking for a certain book have only to place its name or an author’s name and they will usually have it. To register for the first time, you give your name and create a password. After that, each time you go on half.com and order a book, it goes directly to your account and the place to mail it. If, like me, you mail sometimes to other people at a different address, it keeps a record of these and you simply choose where you want the book sent. It keeps your credit card number so you never have to write it in again, but can always change it if you desire. Doing business with half.com is easy and simple. It brings up all available books you are looking for, gives you a choice of which one you want with a description (good condition, new, slightly used, etc.) besides the price. Prices and locales vary greatly. It’s so easy and you can keep track of when it’s sent and how long it will take. An excellent place to order from.

Amazon.com This, too, is a good place to select books from over the Internet. It operates in a similar way as half.com, but the emphasis is on new books, altho it has both new and used ones. You will find they do a good job, have many, many books to select from and are very reliable. Once you have your name and password in the system it is very easy to operate.

Your Public Library Get yourself a library card and you are all set for checking out all kinds of things and getting all kinds of assistance. If a library does not carry the particular book you are searching for, they often can order it for you from another branch. Not everyone wants to keep the book they read and this is a simple way to read all you want at no cost to you. An extra bonus to many is that at most public libraries, there are always some books on sale for very low prices