by Jennifer Blake.
Fawcett paperback, 372 pages. 1996.

3 Checks


Tightly controlled, raised strictly by her grandfather, Jessica Meredith travels to Rio as CEO of her ailing grandfathers business to try and convince Rafael Castelar to give her company time against a possible takeover by his much larger shipping business. He is noncommittal and she goes, uncertainly, to a Mardi Gras party with her cousin that night.

The party turns into an orgy, as the lights go out and everyone grabs someone in the dark. Jessica manages to escape out a patio door, then is soon followed and caught by someone in the darkness. As she struggles, she is rescued by a man she cannot see in the dark. As he is calming her down, they become sexually aware of one another and, for the first time, she gives into her feelings and they share a beautiful moment.

But someone is taking infra-ray pictures of them and Rafael hurriedly dresses and tries to catch that person, while Jessica pulls herself together and disappears.

In time, she faces the take over of her grandfathers business, the emergence of the revealing photos taken that night, and the disturbing presence of Rafael in her life. She is assaulted and barely escapes dying – Rafael always saving her.


The description doesn’t do the story justice. Added to the story line of the strong attraction these two people feel for one another, is the story of their families and the mystery of who is out to destroy her. There’s always so much happening. I wanted to shake her all over the place for listening to others an ever doubting how she feels, though He’s overpowering!