This Fierce Loving

by Judith E. French.
Kensington eReader, 279 pages. 1994/2014.
1751. Maryland frontier.

4 Checks

“He warmed his hands over the fire and rubbed her feet between his hands. ‘It is a custom,’ he said. ‘Lovers –‘

‘No. I don’t believe anything you say. You’re crazy. You’re trying to kill –‘ He silenced her with two fingers over her lips. She caught his fingertips between her teeth and bit down, not hard enough to really hurt. He chuckled and twisted under her, so that she fell on to the fur bed. ‘Cover me,’ she said breathlessly.

He moved so quickly that she couldn’t have escaped if she wanted to . . . and she no longer wanted to. He kissed her full on the mouth and tugged a bearskin to cover them.

‘You’re rotten.’ She whispered. It was dark under the robe, but she was beginning to warm up, and his hard, muscular body pressed against her was not altogether unpleasant. ‘Remind me never to hit you with firewood again.’

‘This man does not believe he will have to.’ He nuzzled her neck.

‘Bathing in winter is dangerous to the health,’ she teased.

‘Not to mine.’

‘Will you spend the rest of our life together throwing me in some stream?’”


A peace talk ends in deceit and the proud chief of the Delaware tribe is imprisoned. In retaliation, the wife of the English leader is captured and held for the exchange of prisoners. It is a nightmare for Rebecca Brandt as her house is burned down and her young brother is also taken captive by the Indians, then separated from her. Little does anyone know that despite being wed for 8 years, Rebecca is still a virgin. And her husband is hate-filled towards all Indians and ruthless. Talon and Rebecca travel long distances together and begin to understand each other better. Their attraction grows.

This is a melodramatic soap opera and I loved it! That’s French’s style and a good soap opera is greatly appreciated once in a while. This has plenty of action and drama thruout the entire story. Further into it, I could scarcely put the book down. It was all just so delicious!