The Lady’s Command

by Stephanie Laurens.
MIRA paperback, 312 pages. 2016.
1824. England.

3 Checks


“He was confident that, for now, they were on a firm footing, as if the deck of their joint life had settled on an even keel.

The bagged side of the ship bumped up against the wharf; ropes in hand, his crewmen leapt to the wharf fore and aft to secure the ship.

The gate in the rail rattled back, then the gangplank rumbled out and thumped down on the worn timbers of the wharf.

He turned to Edwina. When, all but jigging with impatience, she swung to face him, he asked. ‘Are you ready?’

Given the light in her eyes, the eagerness that lit her whole face. The question was entirely redundant.

She gripped his sleeve and, tugging him into motion, shifted to walk by his side. ‘This is all so exciting!’ From beneath the rim of her bonnet, she cast a laughing glance up at him. ‘I daresay you’re jaded, but this is all new to me.’

He smiled and refrained from pointing out that having her there was new to him, too. He offered his arm, and when she took it, he led her to the gangplank and escorted her down.”


Newly married and on their honeymoon, Declan Frobisher receives word that men have gone missing in Freetown, part of their settlement on the coast of West Africa. He is asked to sail there immediately to investigate carefully and report back what he has learned.Not wanting his new wife anywhere near to danger he tells her he has to go but should be back very soon as all he has to do is gather information. Exactly what he is investigating is a secret, even from her. However, he later finds her as a stowaway on his ship. Now he has to take her with him.

The two work together in this colorful place and try to quietly gather information and hope to return home in the very near future. But someone doesn’t want them to leave.

Stephanie Laurens is always good and this has an exciting blend of mystery and suspense, along with romance. Afraid that this story didn’t appeal as much as it usually does for me. It’s ok and there is a deep dark secret to be discovered, but somehow lost its spark with this book.