After 16 years of doing my web site, Romance Reviews, I retired. My mind was the one who retired – I was having too many senior moments. Having had nearly a year to rest up and be lazy, I have decided to return with a blog that is a shortened version of what I had before.

The version I now have has the same rating system as I had before, but now I will do half checks. Before, I found times when I wished I had a half check as so many reviews were not clearly one rating or another and I wished to make half-checks sometimes. Four and a half check is the highest rating (4 ½).

I pick carefully what I read and it’s mostly my favorite authors so, therefore, most are good reads. You will find synopsis’s of the story and my comments. I encourage all of you to send your comments to me. Feedback will only make this blog more interesting and better. If you don’t want your comment posted, that’s fine – just let me know it‘s private. Thanks.

Meanwhile, I start this with one criticism – the huge jump in prices of eReaders and Barnes and Noble’s refusal to let their 20% off coupons be used on eReader books. Before the price increase, that would be ok, but now that the big jump in prices is in effect, it shouldn’t apply.

Thanks, everyone, it’s good to be back!!