My American Duchess

by Eloisa James.
Avon paperback, 400 pages. 2016.
1803. England.

4 Checks


“‘Did you enjoy the kiss?’

‘It was a very nice kiss. In fact –‘

She caught back whatever she was about to say.

‘I am a despicable person,’ she said, her voice ragged.

He suppressed a smile. ‘I strongly disagree.’

Descriptions and details began tumbling out of her – about Bertie, who used to kiss her on a sofa (if Trent ever met him, he’d have to kill him for that), about Dermot, about Cedric . . . In short, the whole sorry saga of Merry’s romantic life thus far.

Trent didn’t want to discuss the three men she’d fancied herself in love with. He didn’t want to imagine that they had touched her. Or kissed her.

As Merry recounted her supposed sins, Trent cupped her face in his hands and lowered his lips to hers, so close that their noses brushed. She went silent. ‘You never kissed Cedric the way you just kissed me,’ he stated.

Her eyes didn’t fail him. He could see the truth in them. ‘No,’ she said with a little gasp. ‘No – that is to say, I won’t discuss it. This mustn’t ever happen again. Your Grace, I’m . . . ‘

He took her mouth in a thirsty, deep kiss.”

The lovely American heiress, Merry, caused a good deal of talk when she accepted Lord Cedric’s recent proposal. She had been engaged twice before and she dare not cancel out a third time. But a stranger she meets on a ballroom’s balcony has captured her attention. Later, she finds that that gentleman is a twin brother to Cedric and a Duke. A bit awkward. And, when she starts to have doubts about Cedric and his character, she feels she still must go thru with the wedding. It would just be too, too dreadful to break a third engagement.

Little does she suspect that the Duke wants her for his bride and no other will do. On her wedding day she wears a heavily laced veil which she can hardly see out of. It is only after they are pronounced husband and wife that she finds out she has wed the Duke and not Cedric. But not to worry, they find the honeymoon much finer than they had ever expected. Do they live happy ever after? Well – – –

I love every Eloisa James book. I adored this story, despite one criticism – the rejection of love. The hero doesn’t believe in love and that is perfectly ridiculous. Still, I forgive the author for creating this discord between them. Because this story is absolutely delicious!!!