Missing Dixie

by Caisey Quinn.
Wm Morrow tradeback, 279 pages. 2015.
Contemporary. Texas.

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“’I let the trailer get hauled away since my mom had stopped coming home anyway.’

‘About time,’ Dixie huffs.

‘I know. I guess I felt I owed her since she bailed me out the night of the accident.’

Dixie stiffens in my arms.

‘I would never hurt you intentionally. You know that don’t you? Believe me, I would rather break every bone in my own body with a crowbar than cause either one of you an ounce of pain.’

She nods against my skin. ‘I know.’ Her voice is so soft I can barely hear her.

‘I tilt her chin to face me. ‘Bluebird, you are now and will always be the most thing to me. I won’t let anything jeopardize what we have, even my own stupid self.’

‘Promise?’ She is so open, her expressive eyes pleading with me to give her everything that I am. Beautiful and perfect even though they say no one is perfect. My girl is, though. Perfect for me anyway.

‘I promise. From here on out, it’s you and me against the world.’”


Despite the two of them loving one another and working together for many years, Gavin and Dixie have grown apart. He has returned to town and not contacted or called her. She spots him with another female.

Dallas, his sister Dixie, and Gavin, who has been a pal of theirs for so long, started out playing together as a trio. Then Dallas left to become a solo star in the music world and she finished college. After his departure Dallas met a lovely woman named Robyn and – after much difficulty – married her. Now they are expecting a child soon and have settled down out of town and are busy putting their new place in order. He has the urge for the trio to start all over since he gave up his solo career.

But neither Gavin nor Dixie can get it all ‘together.’ Gavin must, eventually, tell her everything about him.


The author has dedicated this book, as reads –  “For you, because you shattered me into a million pieces and forced me to put myself back together again. I would’ve given you anything – but I will give up my dreams for no one.“ This was the last of a trilogy and I missed book #2. My mistake, but still – I enjoyed this book no end. There is one scene that will not appear in any Young Adult book, or at least – shouldn’t. Wow! But I loved these stories. Never a dull moment and many aspects to it. Lots of interesting things happen in this story.