by Kat Martin.
Zebra paperback, 354 pages. 2016.
Contemporary. Seattle/Dallas/New Orleans.

4 Checks




“She met his dark-eyed stare. ‘I get it, Ethan. I get that you don’t trust women. That you don’t trust me. I need to know . . . last night? Was I just a conquest? A notch on your bedpost? Because the way you make love tells me you’ve known a lot of women. Was I just one more?’

Something wild and unsettling moved over his features. He was in front of her in a few long strides, pulling her into his arms, holding her tightly against him.

‘I’m sorry. Jesus, that woman makes me crazy. You weren’t a conquest. I’ve never thought of you that way.’ He tipped her chin up, returning her gaze to his. ‘I swear it, Valerie.’

Her eyes burned. She read the truth in his face and she believed him. She almost wished she didn’t. It would be easier to pretend last night had meant nothing to either one of them. That she was in no emotional danger, that her heart would be safe from Ethan.

He kissed her very softly, sinking in for a moment, letting her feel the heat, before he eased away. ‘Allison Winfield had nothing to do with what happened between us last night. She never will.’

Relief and something deeper filled her chest. She managed to nod. ‘Okay.’”

Ethan Brodie is on a new case, along with his buddy Dirk. They are in charge of protecting the girls doing a lingerie show that will appear in numerous big cities. All the girls have received a threatening letter. After the top model is found dead – murdered – security steps up. Ethan is the protection for the next lead girl, Val and Dirk cover her best friend. No clues or tips are found while in San Francisco, but when they move on to their next city, another death occurs with similar clues, only this time to a call girl. Perplexed and busy, they dig deeper into clues, spend most of their time checking on facts and asking questions. All the while – both Ethan and Dirk try to handle their strong emotions towards the women. And the women are doing the same.

Another big, big hit for Martin!! The security business keeps expanding and more fantastic hunks come on board. This had more than a murder and a love story to commend it. It’s interesting being “backstage” in the lingerie business. And, of course, both Ethan and Val are exquisite examples of all that is dreamy and sexy.