by Toni Blake.
Warner paperback, 421 pages. 2005.
Contemporary. New Orleans.

4 Checks

Stephanie Grant has left her New York job in advertising and come to New Orleans to try and find her sister. Her sister, heartbroken over losing her boyfriend, has come here to be a hooker and stopped communicating with Stephanie.

Stephanie gets some advice over the Internet from a former hooker and comes to this classy place where hookers and wealthy men meet and hook up. There she meets the bartender, former cop, Jake Broussard. He sees right away that she is out of her element and keeps an eye on her.

They connect and he tries to help her find her sister. But the attraction they feel towards one another is too much to resist. There are a few huge obstacles to their having a torrid affair, tho. One is that she is sexually repressed – afraid to let go and lose control. And then there is that little problem of Jake’s – he is still in love with his former wife and afraid to commit to anyone else. His wife died in his arms with a bullet meant for him.


This is a story all about sex, sex and more sex!!! It is also a fantastic story and I adored it. When they aren’t having sex, they are talking about it. And then there are these very erotic dreams. Whew, the book’s so hot it sizzles! And Jake is the perfect hunk. But, aside from all the sex, there’s a story. He has to overcome his guilt over his wife’s death. He’s stopped living for the past two years. I loved the teen-aged girl he helps, plus the scruffy dog, and liked his former partner. Her sister didn’t impress me, nor the man she is mistress to. Had a hunch he was big-time trouble and would have liked to have his being caught given more detail. Felt a little cheated there. But the author deserves great praise for this book.