By Patricia Briggs.
Penquin eReader, 262 pages. 2013.
4 checks.

4 Checks

In this 7th novel of the Patricia Briggs werewolf series, the family meets a powerful villain. Adam’s former wife joins the family (and manipulates everyone) when she is trying to evade a stalker. That brings the stalker to the family of werewolves. Despite the disruption she causes. The family all join together to try and keep the stalker away from her.

Mercy finds out the hard way that this handsome stalker and his two dogs are not normal in any way, shape or form. Instead, they seem to be unbeatable and many people start dying terrible deaths around them. How to fight this monster? How to protect everyone?

This was page-turning, exciting reading. Again, we feel the strong love between Adam and Mercy as they face his ex-wife’s manipulations as well as the monster who is after her (and them). Amazing story! By-the-way, I don’t like stories that involve werewolves, but this is a huge exception – all of this series is wonderful!