by Mitch Albom.
Hyperion paperback, 197 pages. 2006.
Contemporary, Fictional town in US.

4 Checks


A man, disillusioned with life, comes to a crossroads when he finds that his daughter has married and he wasn’t even invited to her wedding. He drinks heavily, quits his job, and drives back to his hometown where he intends to use the gun he has on himself. There is a terrible accident, but he survives and finishes the walk to his old house.

There, he encounters his mother – his mother who died many years back. She acts like all those years and her death never happened. As she takes him with her to various people’s houses and they talk, he is in a daze. He realizes he has made a mess of his life and thinks back to how it came to this point.


Extraordinary story. It’s a brilliant little tale. This is the author of such outstanding stories as Tuesdays with Morris and The Five People You Meet inĀ  Heaven. Touching, sweet and sad, it is bound to remind you, many times, of your own family and life. All should read this special story.