by Jami Alden.
Atria ebook, paperback, 201 pages. 2013.
Contemporary. Montana.

3 Checks

Twelve years later, Ellie Tanner returns home again. Ellie is thirty now, with a five-year-old child and broke, since her husband was convicted of running a Ponzi scheme. She had lived a life of ease and high society until last year when all came crashing down. Now she is divorced and broke.

Settled in with her mother, she starts working at her mother’s restaurant right away and is astonished at all the changes. Her mother explains that is because of her new partner, Damon Decker – the man who broke Ellie’s heart over 12 years ago.

Damon is the same handsome hunk as always and neither can shrug off the passion they still feel towards one another. It gets complicated.


This is a short story, made longer because of the many passionate love scenes. Have to warn everyone that the passion burns up the pages and the details are ample. Also, the language is sometimes crude. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this story. One negative thing, tho – this lacked any editing and slowed down the reading when some sentences didn’t make any sense.