Best Friends Forever

by Kimberla Lawson Roby.
Grand Central hardback, 177 pages. 2016.

4 Checks

“’The reason I came home was so we could talk.’

‘About what?’

‘Us, and the fact that I just can’t do this anymore.’

‘Do what?’

‘Live here. Stay in an unhappy marriage.’

Celine stared at him like he was an alien. There was no way she’d heard him correctly.

‘So you don’t have anything to say?’ he asked.

‘Please tell me you’re not serious.’

‘I’m very serious. I’m sorry, but we can’t go on like this.’

Celine relaxed further in her chair, folding her arms and shaking her head.

I don‘t believe you. You‘re actually going to leave me for some shank you’re sleeping with? You’re going to leave your daughter because of some whore?’

‘I told you before,’ he said. ‘I’ve been unhappy for more than a year, and you never even noticed. You were too busy working and doing whatever else you wanted.”

A happy marriage of 12 years comes to a close when the husband starts staying out late and, finally, announcing he is done with the marriage. They have a ten-year-old daughter. This happens at the same time that Celine finds a lump in her breast and, eventually, has it removed and starts on a long round of radiation. Her husband shows little interest or concern over his wife and Keith moves out.

Their daughter is confused and unhappy over all of this. Luckily for Celine, she has a close friend, Lauren, who is there for her and daughter Kassie. It is a long, hard journey before Celine is cancer free and done with treatment. Meanwhile, Keith wants to come home and be forgiven.

I adored this story. Short, but powerful. Didn’t always agree with the wife, but certainly sympathized with her situation. I loved the ending!