1. This Fierce Loving, by Judith E. French. “Rebecca took a final glance over her shoulder at all that lay behind her and stepped forward beside the man she loved. Her path would not be smooth. There would be sorrow and disappointment, as well as fulfillment and happiness. But that was all part of living, wasn’t it? Didn’t the Bible speak of a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to die and a time to be born? She only knew that she would be content to walk beside this man all the days of  her life. And when the time came to leave this earth, she would take the Shawnee trail across the river of souls following in his moccasin tracks.”
  2. Along Came a Rogue. by Anna Harrington. ‘I love you,’ she whispered past the knot of emotion in her throat.      ‘You’d better,’ With a wolfish grin, he murmured, ‘Because now that I’ve got you, I’m never letting you go.’      Smiling through her tears, she lifted the baby toward him. ‘Hold your son, Nathaniel.’      As she placed Stephen into his arms, his chocolate-brown eyes found hers. In their warm depths she saw their future stretching out across all the years before them. Together. ‘I love you, Emily.’     ‘You’d better,’ she purred his words back to him, leaning in to kiss him over their sleeping son, ‘because I am never letting you go.’”
  3. Cold, Cold Heart, by Tami Hoag. “‘We’re who the world makes us,’ he said. ‘For better pr worse.’     ‘No,’ Dana said. ‘The would made me a victim. I won’t be what the world made me. I won’t be what happened to me. I’ll be what I become. So will you. Life can try to break us. We don’t have to stay broken. And if we help each other with that, that isn’t charity. That’s humanity. That’s friendship.’        He gave her a long look then, inscrutable as always. His life had taught him to show nothing or risk having what he held precious taken away. He couldn’t even admit to wanting the dog that had chosen him.     ‘However we got here,’ he said, ‘I guess this might be a good place to start.’      Dana smiled. ‘Yes. Yes, it is.’”
  4. My American Duchess, by Eloisa James. “And finally, Merry and Trent’s deep love was there on the joyful, miraculous day when Lord Cedric Allardyce strolled through the door of the townhouse in Cavendish Square, healthy and hearty, his clear blue eyes set off by skin tanned to the color of dark honey.     He was hand-in-hand with a smiling black-haired young woman whose skin was darker yet, a color that no English lady – no matter how many times she forgot her bonnet – could attain.       But that’s another story.”
  5. My Lady’s Command, by Stephanie Laurens. “‘You’re not going to argue that, now that I’m expecting, I have to remain in London?’       He looked into her face, thought of all he’d learned over the past weeks – ever since he’d found her in her trunk, a stowaway in his cabin. ‘No.’ He hesitated, then gave his tongue free rein to express the hope, the joy, the love that filled his heart. ‘You belong by my side. We’ll find a way.’     He was an adventurer to his soul, and so was she.      And their marriage was the biggest adventure of all – one that would last them a lifetime.”
  6. Into the Fury, by Kat Martin. “‘So when are you going to ask me to marry you?’     He grinned. God, he loved her! ‘You sure you’re ready to say yes?’     She smiled. ‘More than ready.’     ‘Will you marry me?’      Val grinned so big her dimples popped out. ‘I’ll think about it,’ she said.”
  7. Missing Dixie, by Caisey Quinn.      “It doesn’t make me cry. It  makes me feel . . . I don’t know . . . happy, I guess, that they wanted me that much. My mom says it’s important to find happiness and that not everybody’s happy ending looks the same, and that’s okay.      Watching them, listening to the words they wrote abiut me and how much they love me and how badly they wanted to be my parents, I realize that Teddy really was wrong.      Music does save lives.      It saved mine,”