Along Came a Rogue

by Anna Harrington.
Grand Central paperback, 329 pages. 2016.
1816. England.

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“She should push him away now; she should ask him to leave, save what little piece of her heart she still possessed, and cry out her pain in private. It was the right thing for both of them, she knew it.

But she couldn’t bring herself to send him away.

His slow, steady caresses soothed away her jealousy and the last of her hot tears. ‘You are so sweet and kind, so lovely . . . ‘His voice ached. ‘I can’t give you what you deserve, Emily. I know that.’

The warmth of his caressing hand seeped through the thin cotton of the night rail and deep into her back, radiating through her until her breasts grew heavy and her thighs ached. Beneath his gentle caresses, her breathing turned labored with quick arousal. God help her – even with her heart breaking, she desired him.

‘Yet, I still want you.’ His hand brushed lovingly along the curve of her hip, and whatever fleeting thoughts she had of refusing him melted away. ‘And I don’t want to be without you tonight.’ He admitted tentatively, his voice rasping as if it cost him a great deal to divulge his feelings. ‘I need you, brat.’

Her heart ached. Grey needed her, but he had no idea how much she needed him. How much she needed him enveloping her and giving her his strength, his body making her whole.”

When Major Nathaniel Grey travels days to escort his good friend’s sister to his side, they thought he may die before he returns. They had served in the army together and are now civilians. His friend had been shot by a thief.

When Grey reaches the house where Emily lives, he is met by gunshots. He had last seen Emily when she was a slip of a girl, but now she is a grown woman – a widow. Once the confusion has been straightened out, Grey finds that someone has been trying to kill her since her husband died. And was his death an accident? A title and estate might be worth killing for. Emily’s big secret is that she is pregnant. Grey and Emily have their hands full traveling to her brother’s bedside and even later. One complication is that Grey is not of quality blood – of no importance to his friends.

This book was an exciting and interesting read. Only her second book, I didn’t read the first one. It’s easy to follow and I predict a sterling future for Harrington. (Loved the opening start of it!)